Easier E-mail Marketing

Easy to Use Control Panel

The Jolted News Control Panel is easy to use! Laid out to easily find what you are looking for, the Control Panel is yet another feature for making it easier to send out messages to your subscribers.

Send a Mass Amount of E-mails

Remember the days when you had filled up your "To" field in your e-mail client with the large amount of people you had to e-mail one message? With Jolted News, it keeps track of all your subscribers and when you fill out a message to send, it automatically sends to everyone on your list!

Create and Send Autoresponders

Autoresponders can be used to automatically schedule or send e-mails to any number of e-mail address. You can easily set up an autoresponder to send to your subscribers. This saves you time, while still effectively communicating to your subscribers at specific times set by you.